Does Dynamic Text work in Bing?


You only mention AdWords so I assume not, but I just wanted to confirm.


Hi Scott - Bing has dynamic keyword insertion for their ads (…) and you can also build your destination URLs to include those keywords as parameters like in AdWords, so Dynamic Text Replacement would work more or less the same (save for a few differences in the ad set-up) for Bing.


Cool. Thank you. I suggest you add that information to this page!…


Hi Scott - Great suggestion! I know we were in a bit of a crunch to get initial documentation up in time for the Dynamic Text Replacement launch, but I’ll make sure we get a Bing version of the Adwords how-to up as soon as we can.


Hey Scott - just wanted to update to say we’ve added a link to the Bing dynamic keyword insertion to that page as well. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.