Does anyone know how to find unbounce URLs on a Wordpress site?


This was bound to happen. I created links on my site ( to my get. URLs at Unbounce. We recently employed a different marketing solution for landing page development however, and now I need to cancel Unbounce.

However, even after deleting the obvious unbounce links from the site, I’m still getting traffic to my unbounce landing pages. That means I must have linked to them from other pages. Does anyone know if there’s a way to search all links in a Wordpress site to find out where they are?


PS:I’ve already checked my redirects


Hi Paul - We’re sorry to see you go, but a tool like Xenu’s Link Sleuth should probably do the trick for you:…

It’s main purpose it so check for broken links, but you can create a report with all links on a site and the sort them by name, which should let you find the links to your Unbounce pages.


Great - thanks. Very generous of you. Unfortunately, I’m on a mac.