Document download in new web window



I’ve a download button for the main content and I’ve also added some additional information that can be downloaded via some other download buttons. Is there a way to set the document download to open in a new window?

Please help.

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Hi @Joe_Jons,

I would always recommend giving the user that information after they have converted and use it as a way to entice them to convert. Or you could place that information on the page itself if it is vital and place CTAs along the way.

The only the option in the UI to download a file is in the form confirmation dialog. However, you could grab that link to the PDF (whether it is hosted on UB or somewhere else) and place that in the URL field and have the action “go to URL”. Then you could change the target to “New tab or window”.

Hope that helps!


Yeah, this is the approach I’d recommend. This way you can easily have the link open in a new tab.