Do you work on a Marketing Team?


Hey y’all! :grinning:

Sorry for my brief absence! I’ve been on holidays for the last month (in Ireland :ireland: and it was amazing!), but I’m back and ready to reconnect with everybody here in our awesome Community!

First off, something that I’ve been wondering for a while. We’ve got all sorts of folks here in the Community every day. Some of you ask questions, some of you give answers, and lots of you lurk (and we have the analytics to prove it). But what we don’t know is what kind of teams you’re all on, and I’m curious!

So if you’ve got a second, if you wouldn’t mind commenting on this post if you’re on a Marketing team! I’d love to learn a bit more about you all!

That’s all for now! Seeya in the forums! :wave:t4:

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Hey @Jess,

I don’t if one person who does everything from blogging to marketing automation for self and for clients will ever qualify as team, but I am a lone wolf who works like an ant :slight_smile:



You’re an Ash Of All Trades! That seems to be a very common trend in Marketing, and in this Community, where individuals will wear many hats. Props for being so multi-talented! :muscle:t4:


Oh @Jess , you just made my day. Well, what else can we do when software is eating the world as Marc Andreessen says :slight_smile:



I work at an agency as the Head of Paid Search so yes, I work in a marketing team.


Hey Dez! I’m so glad you jumped in!

I’ve got some questions if you’re willing and able to answer some of them :grinning:

We get a lot of entrepreneurs in our Community, which makes sense because if they’re not able to rely on a team for information – they can jump in here and there’s a team at their fingertips. So, I’m curious…

How do you usually interact in the Unbounce Community? What kind of things do you search for?
How often would you say you visit

I could go on, but I’ll leave it there. Very eager to hear any insights you may have! :clap:


Yes - ish. I work at / run a digital agency - 11 people on the ‘team’ - always marketing :slight_smile:


Hi, yes I sit within the marketing team of my company and i’m the team member most active on unbounce :slight_smile:

How do you usually interact in the Unbounce Community? What kind of things do you search for?

  • Normally integration fixes.

How often would you say you visit

  • When I encounter a problem my dev team is stumped by - or when i see something interesting in the newletter.


Awesome @charlene_s! We’re happy to have you here. :smiley:

Would love to chat more with you about how your team uses Unbounce. Can I DM you?


I’m not part of a marketing team, per se, but I do manage our company’s marketing/advertising and am part of the development team. Kinda sorta counts? :sweat_smile:


Kinda sorta totally counts! I’m always amazed by how many of our community members have such dynamic positions where they wear 10 different hats in a day. :tophat:


Such is life for SMBs! Keeps things at the office pretty interesting though, never a dull moment! :grin:



Sorry didn’t get a notification about the reply.

Usually I use the community for finding answers if there is something I am struggling with or looking at the extras/custom code area for inspiration.

Probably visit the community once or twice a month depending on how much I am using Unbounce at that particular time.

Currently we are just in the implementation stage at the agency I work at. Although I have started Unbounce accounts at two other companies I worked at, so still drop into those from time to time.