Do you recommend 302 redirects for unbounce domain hosted pages?


I’m thinking of setting things up on my site so that I have a page – – and promote that, and then redirect it to with a 302. Does that work?


Good question! That’s a great workaround until we get CNAME support, and should work just fine. The only caveat is that I’m no SEO expert so can’t comment on any SEO considerations.


You will run into trouble if you plan on using Google Adwords to promote the “” URL – the display domain on your ad must match whatever domain you end up at after any redirects.

Other than that though I think a 302 should be fine until CNAMEs come through.


email i just got from my CTO: Hey! Is there a setting in unbounce for us to set up a redirect masked
with a foodtree url?

What can I tell her?


I’m not totally clear on what you mean by the phrase “redirect masked with a foodtree url”. You can certainly redirect a URL on your site to a page on Can you give me an example of specifically how you’d like it to work?


Well, we’re just hoping to mask the URL. We’re thinking maybe embedding the whole thing in a form might work. We just need to deal with the fact that when we send potential customers to our sales page, the URL is ‘’ and we’d like to avoid that subtle branding issue. We know you guys are pushing out a bunch of new stuff lately and it’s not a deal-breaker for the time being, so don’t worry about it. Cheers.


Hey Derek,
We will actually have a solution for that in the next week or so. What you’ll be able to do is create a sub-domain on your side ( and add a CNAME record for “”. This way all of your Unbounce pages can be published to Does that sound like it’ll take care of the issue for you?


Absolutely. That will definitely be perfect and solve all branding issues. Thanks Carter & Carl!


We have just released Custom Domains which will solve this problem! You can read more about the release here…