Do you have any best practices for naming a subdomain?


Do you know if anyone has studied customer perception of the credibility of subdomains? Is perceived more credibly than Is there a subdomain that rises to the top as the best?


Hello Daniel,

I don’t have a study to refer you to but if you adhere to the idea of message match (ie: ensuring your ad, page and content’s messaging is congruent), you’ll be right on track to choose an appropriate sub-domain.

First off, I advise that you stay away from “ads”. Domains like “” are blocked by extensions like AdBlock and I’d argue, don’t inspire a ton of trust.

Be creative. Pick verbs for your subdomain that are related to the action you want your users to take. Some great examples are:

Word on the street is that there might be an Unbounce blog post related to this topic in the future. I’ll post a link to it here when that happens.

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much, Ryan! It sounds like Nikki R here at TechSmith also connected with Louise in your support department. We appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond.

The topic probably make for a superb blog post (I actually checked your blog first, thinking it might be addressed there)!

Thanks again!


Glad to hear that this helped! I actually had a chance to chat with Nikki a bit myself and let her know that we’ve got a few TechSmith subscriptions ourselves. It’s great to hear that you’re trying Unbounce and if there is anything we can help you with, be sure to let us know.