Do I need experience with PPC campaigns to run a successful unbounce campaigns


I have no experience with ppc campaigns. I am still interested in Unbounce as a marketing tool to offer landing pages to my clients. Do you think my lack ok knowledge i n terms of ppc is a problem? What do you suggest?


Hey Russel, 

We all start somewhere and the best thing equivalent to school of hard knocks is this: 

Start with Unbounce, launch a few campaigns, spend your own money, and nothing teaches you PPC faster than that. 

The fact that you are thinking about landing pages puts you up there, better than 90% of the market. 

That says something.


Hey Russel,

Landing pages are great overall sales tools and aren’t only for PPC. We use it to build custom proposals for our prospects and we’ve seen closing rates jump much higher than ever before.

That being said, you don’t necessarily need to understand PPC to build beautiful converting landing pages. Understanding the behaviour of visitors and translating that data/understanding into design is what is really important here.

Best of luck!

Stefano Apostolakos


You don’t need PPC campaigns to have landing pages, and you don’t need landing pages to have ppc campaigns. 

That said if you are going to package together PPC services and tout conversion optimized landing pages you should have a pretty solid PPC game to back up what you are selling.

Unboucne is a tool and a great one at that. You can use it for email campaigns, social media campaigns, and just drive leads from your site what Hubspot would call “Inbound Marketing”.

Google has a ton of resources on how to get good at PPC. I’d start there, or partner with an agency until you are ready to fly on your own. 

Good luck!



10000% this ^^. Great points, Ashwin!


Thanks a ton for the kind words, @Justin :slight_smile: Saying what’s right.