Do any of the email autoresponders that integrate with Unbounce NOT require double opt-in?


I just finished setting up Aweber integration and began testing… ugh. I’m trying to send an ebook when someone fills out a landing page form and REALLY don’t want them to have to double-opt-in.

I see that you can turn it off in the Aweber settings, but that apparently doesn’t work when you use the API.



Hey John - I know that MailChimp gives you the choice between either a welcome email or the double opt in. You have to choose one or the other but the welcome email avoids the opt in step which should do the trick for you.


Thanks for the quick response! I believe that you can have one welcome email, yes? I wouldn’t be able to create a different welcome email for different landing pages. I know I can tie into Infusionsoft via Zapier, and eventually directly within Unbounce, but I’m trying to keep this project low budget for now.


Hey! You can have only one welcome email for one list BUT you can use hidden form fields and conditional merge tags for segmenting your message based on these fields. Or you can create GROUPS and connect each landing page with different group - it’s even easier.

How to use conditional marge tags:…


Thanks Petr. This took a bit of playing with, but it works great. We used groups to move people from one area to another. Great suggestions.


Hey John - we’ll actually be launching an Infusionsoft integration very soon. If you want early access before we launch, email us at and we’ll hook you up with the beta today.