DKI can I add a filler word?


I want to add a filler word (in) if my variable is passed for DKI.  

Use case is someone is searching for bagels in denver, adwords will be passing loc=denver.

I have a form and I want it say either “Search for bagels” if no loc passed or “search for bagels in denver” if loc=denver is passed.

for default, I will have it be blank.  I understand that I could change the var to be equal to in+denver, but that will mess up other things.

Any ideas?


Hi Bill,

You can do this with a bit of JQuery or JS that will find the text “search for bagels”, then check if its more than 17 characters long (your default text) or has multiple parts (spaces) and then insert the characters " in" (including the space) at position 17 (the number of characters in the phrase “search for bagels”).

That’s how I would go about doing it.

Hope that gives you some insight into one possible way.