DJ Business


I have a DJ business at can you tell me how this product can help my business since I only have a time specific business meaning that people only look for my services when they are having an event. Thanks


I think it can help by focusing your message on what the person hiring you wants. A landing page with a video or picture will convert more than your current site. You can also give away a free report to get the prospects email address. This product is good if you have limited HTML skills. Plus you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign instantly


To add to this John, I think if you harnessed the power of Facebook advertising to point people to your Unbounce landing pages you would increase the number of visitors that actually look to hire your services.

Using Facebook ads you can quite easily target users based in New England with relationship status as “Engaged”. Or New England students organising proms, the list goes on.

All of these people at some stage will actively seeking a DJ - so why not get in there first and advertise to these people :wink: