Display integration info in the 3rd party modal


It would be helpful to see what specific integration information in the 3rd party configuration modal once I have it set up. I have a page connected to HubSpot and I want to make changes to the mappings. When I open the modal, it doesn’t tell me which HubSpot form that I’m editing the field mapping for. I usually cancel the integration and set it up again to make sure that it’s going to the right place in HubSpot. Displaying the HubSpot form name in the modal would save me a lot of work.


Thanks for posting this suggestion Matt!

Being able to provide the specific information you have set up as the first thing you see before making any changes is currently in our usability improvement backlog, especially while we want to improve the integration feature as a whole.

We understand your concern at this point and will make sure to let you know once we have come up with a solution in this regard… Thanks again, Matt!