Display InfusionSoft Tag in page edit screen


Please update the UI to show which InfusionSoft tag will be applied by submitting a form on the page.  

Once you complete the integration, there no way to check your work.  You have to undo the integration and start over.  

If my team builds a funnel with unbounce, there’s no way to review the tags without having to run a ton of emails through the page which throws off our stats.  


Hi Grayson, 

Thank you for providing this feedback. We really appreciate it and understand the pain point you are experiencing here. We are currently doing a review of all of our integrations from a user experience and functionality perspective. This is part of a overarching initiative that we have been working on to build a reliable and scalable new service for lead based integrations. 

I would love to know more about how you would like to manage your integrations within Unbounce. Is being able to see which Infusionsoft tag applied during setup enough? Would you like to be able to change these tags? 

If anyone else in the community would like to vote for this Idea please make sure to like it and feel free to chime in on you integration management needs. 

Thank you, 



Thanks Meagan,

The most important thing is being able to see which tag is applied from an action on the page.  Being able to change it would be nice but not critical as we could also just redo the integration.  But not being able to see which tag is being allied makes building campaigns much harder.  Thanks