Display a link parametrised by the user email once the email has been typed


Hi, In our landing pages we’re just asking the user its email. Then the user can download our product through the link ourproduct.com\download.aspx?id=user@email.com How can we make this link appear on our landing page once the user typed his email? Thanks for your support


Hi Patrick - you should be able to do that by appending your form values to the download URL

First, open the form editor then rename your “email” field to “id” since this is the value you need for the query parameter. I’d also suggest hiding this field label then using a textbox to name the field on your page.

Select your form and choose “Go to another webpage” as the action, paste in the download URL for your product. E.g. http://download.myproduct.com/today And enable “Append Form Data to URL”.

When a user submits your form, they’ll then be sent to http://download.myproduct.com/today?id=[email@address.com](http://mailto:email@address.com)

Hope that helps!


Is there a way to add AdWords conversion tracking to the landing page once I select the Form Confirmation to go to another web page? I was unable to apply the tracking information found here: http://support.unbounce.com/entries/2…


Hi Britt - although not in exactly the same way as when using the Unbounce page editor, if your form confirmation is set to go to another web page for the conversion you are trying to track, you will want to place the Adwords conversion tracking code on that web page that follows your form submission.

The instructions we have provided are in regards to where in the Unbounce editor this code can be included in order for a form submission (which uses the original Unbounce form confirmation dialog) so that a conversion will track for your Adwords account. However when the form confirmation is led to an external web page, the code should then be included on that external page instead of inside Unbounce.

Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to speak definitely on the Adwords conversion tracking since it is third-party code, so before proceeding with this setup, we would still recommend verifying it through Adwords documentation.