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Since we are using unbounce for our PPC landing pages, the ads show up using our cname. Is there a setup with the setup in unbounce that would allow us to host unbounces pages on our regular domain without a cname?

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Hi @daltman314,

What seems to be the issue with using a CNAME/sub-domain for your paid traffic?

Unless you are using a WordPress install for your main site, your landing pages would always be served from a sub-domain. There is no way to install the pages locally.


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Hi @daltman314!!

There’s a workaround - set the final URL of the ad to be your site domain/home page, then set your Unbounce landing page URL at the keyword level. The keyword-level final URL always overrides the ad level final URL for where traffic will go, but the display URL will then be your site’s actual domain, and not the sub-domain. There’s other benefits to managing your final URL’s at the keyword level, this is just one of them.

I have ran A/B tests of my ads where the only difference was that some ads had the sub-domain, and others had no sub-domain in the display URL. Interestingly, most of the time I see half the clickthrough rate when a sub-domain is in display URL.

I hope this helps and would love to hear how it goes!

Bryan Duffin