Seriously guys, progress at your company is slower than a snail. We still can’t archive old Landing Pages, neither can we add “read only” users who can view LPs and download CSVs but can’t edit the pages. Stone ages people!


It’s very rare you’ll see me come to the rescue and back a company up when it gets a negative comment, but as someone who felt a similar way just a few months ago, I didn’t see any updates or progress being made on the unbounce system I felt I had to respond to your comments.

Firstly if you’re a regular user of the support pages here, you’ll see the unbounce team have always been open and honest with the development work on their system, on some cases they’ve even held their hands up and said the progress has been slow.

But in the past few weeks, once they had finished improving the infrastructure and reliability of the system, updates have started to be rolled out, this is seen by the latest posts on updates currently available in the preview/beta/labs area.

Just a few of the new things rolling out:

New editor:

Field mapping:

Page grouping:

This isn’t to say there aren’t tons of things I really want to see developed in unbounce (customisable lead alerts are a big need for me!) but with these recent product updates and the constant updates from the team on these support pages, I’m confident they are constantly hard at work producing and releasing awesome new features.