Disappearing CTA buttons


CTA buttons disappear on mouseover on this page + its variants: http://deals.wearesmartypants.com/fre…

We just ran a campaign that had unusually low click rates and it was a repeat of an earlier campaign, so I think the button not showing up had some impact (though I am sure other factors contributed as well).

Can we pre-oad the buttons so they don’t seem to disappear on mouseover?




Hi Gordon! We do pre-load the buttons, but it’s possible something is affecting the pre-loading. Had you added any third-party scripts/libraries to your page?

I just tested your page on Chrome and Firefox on the Mac, and IE7 and IE8 on Windows. The only thing I noticed was that on IE7 the button blinks during load, so we likely need to look at our pre-loading script on IE7. But the button didn’t disappear for me. Which browser version(s) are you testing with?



The only third party scripts I have loaded are 2 tracking pixels and fancybox which Oli Gardener suggested I use. The issue seems to be that when you mouseover the buttons, the hoverstate button does not show up and the regular up button also disappears making it seem like the button is gone entirely. A bit disconcerting! :slight_smile:

I am using firefox for mac 3.6.11 and safari 5.0.2


Hi Gordon,
I’m also having a hard time replicating your problem for any of the variants of the page you linked to. I’m wondering if maybe this is a cache issue on your side? Try clearing your cache and seeing if that does the trick. Also, the preloading doesn’t work in preview - thought I’d mention that in case you were only looking in preview.

But, I did find the main problem to your low click-through rates – none of your 4 variants have a conversion goal set! The Conversion Goals tab should be highlighted when no goals are selected, but it doesn’t appear to be for your page (which is a bug on our side that we’ll look into.) That should clear up the lost conversions issue though.

Let me know if clearing your browser cache fixes the rollover button problem.



oops, my bad re the conversion goals. I think your conversion goal feature might have a second bug or I made an oversight because if you look at the variants for http://deals.wearesmartypants.com/save50 and http://deals.wearesmartypants.com/save35, the champion pages have conversions but none of the variants do. I thought when I duplicated a page, it duped everything but are conversion goals not also duped?

Button issue seems ok now.


Duplicating a variant will copy your conversion goals as well. However – the goal is associated with the actual link value, not the reference to it (if that makes sense).

So, say you have a button that links to “http://google.com” and you select “http://google.com” as your conversion goal. If you change the value of the button’s link to “http://amazon.com” then the conversion goal will not update.

I took a look at both of your pages, and in both cases it looks like you’ve changed the value of the main CTA link. The challenger variant on your first page doesn’t have a goal selected because of this, although your second page seems to have a goal selected (did you just do that now?)

Hopefully that helps explain things a bit better. We completely realize that setting conversion goals shouldn’t have as much room for error and are planning some improvements in this area.