Disable indexing of unbounce pages


We would like to create pages on Unbounce that are for PPC and SEO. However, given that we can not have those pages on our domain as we want them, as in we’d prefer domain.com/unboucepage but have to settle for subdomain.domain.com/page, is it possible to disable indexing of unbounce pages so as to avoid duplicate content when we put the same page we created on unbounce on our SEO optimised page?


Hi Nick - you certainly can. Each Unbounce page has check box in the properties panel that hides the page from search engines (this will act like a robots.txt with unfollow: *) or you can add <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> directly to the head via the Javascripts panel in the bottom left of the page: http://support.unbounce.com/entries/5…


Can you do this on a global basis? So can we set the rule so this box is always checked?


At this time there isn’t a way to globally enable this checkbox. However, I would highly suggest submitting this as an  idea  _so others can vote on this as well.