Direction Aware and Hover Effect | Codepen Adaptation

I am not getting the CSS or the JS to execute properly.

I added to the CSS and to the JS files.

I am not sure what else I need to do to get this to act like it does on codepen. Does anybody have experience with things like this that could lend me a hand?

Example Pen

My page…

Here is what the preview looks like, do I need to markup the HTML differently maybe?

Yeah the code needs some tweaking here. If you view the code pen. Click on the VIEW COMPILED button and copy that onto your page. Do for both html and css you will get the ‘proper’ code.css html

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use html instead of HAML

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Thanks @Fahad_Hussain! I was able to get this one working. I am now having trouble on a new project with similar issues. Can you take a peak?