Directing emails to separate lists to Klaviyo


Hi all,

With Klaviyo, their webook code allows you to integrated into one list.

I want to use different lists because I have landing pages that takes users to a drip campaign and others that sends a discount code and a follow up email.

It seems with Klaviyo I will need to embed their code for the form that links to a particular list? I do not program so this can be cumbersome unless there is an easy way to give it a clean look. I some some code and willing to try it out if someone can give me guidance.

  1. If I need to code, how to I direct the forms I created on Unbounce to send emails to a particular Klaviyo list?

  2. The Klaviyo webhook code has a code at the end. Below is the copy where I replaced the code with “XXXXX”


I assumed that this is a list code? I was hoping that I can just update that code to the list code I want to use and place that code into the Unbounce landing page webhook section.


I’m having the same issue. Did you ever figure out a solution?