Direct integration with iContact


Please consider creating a direct 3rd party integration module with icontact. Lots of small businesses use this service.


Hi Margaret - we don’t have an iContact integration in the works currently, but we do try to prioritize which integrations based on how many customer requests we get (though we are sometimes approached by other software providers who do the building on their side as well, so you’ll see some things push out faster because of that).

We haven’t had a lot of requests for iContact, but other Unbounce customers will be able to vote up this idea to move it ahead on our potential development plan.

I took a look at some of iContact’s documentation and it looks like they have a Salesforce integration, so while we can’t push data into iContact directly, if you do have Salesforce as well, you could use our Salesforce integration to go from Unbounce to Salesforce to iContact.