Different convertible for each variant - is there a way this can be done?


Hi. I have three variants of a landing page. I’d like a different convertible to pop-up for each variant, e.g. when Variant A is displayed to a visitor, Convertible 1 pops-up; When Variant B is displayed, Convertible 2 pops-up.

Unbounce currently doesn’t support this. But has anyone found a way to do this?

(Why would I want to do this? I have different headlines on each of my variants. I want to offer a different free e-book on a pop-up convertible for each variant, e.g. if the variant headline is about costs saving, I want to offer my cost saving ebook; if the variant headline is about performance improvement, I want to offer my performance improvement ebook)


Hi @latearrival,

The first thing that comes to mind is advanced targeting of your convertable based on cookies. Unbounce places a cookie so it knows what variant you saw and can serve the same variant if you come back to the page.

You should be able to pick out the variant and only fire the convertable if the cookie matches.

The other idea is to use GTM to fire the convertable but that might be tricky.