Different button when editing and different when published



I have a small problem:

I created a page with a form, and wanted to have a nice big font in the submit button.

But when I publish the page the font is small, you can see the difference between edited and published page.

Can you tell me why is this happening?

Thank you



Hi Adam,

Have you changed the font size in the page builder ? The third box down in the right hand column says ‘Label’ - try messing about with the number in the bottom right next to Regular/Bold - I find that 30 works very well !!

Hope that helps




Hi Adam,

Looks like Amit gave you some good advice.  Just wanted to make sure that you were saving, republishing and then hard refreshing your landing page? 

Best of luck,



Well unfortunately changing the font size doesn’t work… If I make it too big then in the page builder it goes out of the button, and even if it fits, when I publish it is not centered but aligned to the top…

See below please

Thanks a lot for helping, really appreciate it



Hi Joe, unfortunately it didn’t work, I think it’s the issue of the button size or position.

When I publish the site (even after hard refresh) the text in the button is not horizontally centered, it bothers me and I can’t repair it…

thanks a lot for help



Hi Adam, 
We’re going to need to dig into this a little further, and will need access to your account/page. I’m going to ask my customer success team to chime in, look out for an email shortly! 


Sure, I can give you guys access to my page, I really have trouble with the button. Thanks a lot for your help.


Hope it get’s resolved with the customer success team, Adam!  You are in good hands!

Best of luck,



Amy from the support team helped, she showed me where the problem was. Maybe she didn’t solve it entirely but from this point I think I can manage. Thanks!



Hi! I’m having the exact same issue. How was this resolved? thanks.


Do you have any custom scripts or fonts installed on the page? That’s usually the first thing I’d suspect would be causing this issue.