Differences between free and non free plan



I don’t understand what is the differences between the two plans.
If I will pay for just a month, just the time to create my landing page on my site, and after I will change in the free plan. What will I loose?

Thanks in advance,



Hi @Sonji!

A free plan is only recommended to explore the app and page builder. You’re limited in many aspects and features, things such as adding a custom domain (the pages on a free plan will be held under unbouncepages.com) and your visitor limit is 200. Additionally, your pages will be branded with an Unbounce footer. To answer your question about what will be lost, when downgrading to a free account, your pages will not disappear but will become unpublished if you are using custom domains, and your traffic will be restricted.

All of our other plans have unlimited visitors and unlimited domains. You get 75 or more landing pages and 8 or more Overlays/Sticky Bars, plus access to more features.

Can I ask what you’re planning on using Unbounce for, exactly? That will help to see if there’s a plan that meets your needs. I’ll keep an eye out for your response! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Jess!
I need a landing page for a display campaign on Google Adwords, but it is a a temporary solution, because in 4 months we will have an IT programmer.
I would know what I will expect when I will not pay unbounce.
But is it possible to recreate in a wordpress site the LP that I created?

Sonia :heart_eyes: