Dev Needed: Dynamic text replacement for the URL destination of a button


So the text replacement feature is great… but what I really need is to be able to dynamically insert/change the destination url of a button. The dynamic text TO be inserted would be readable from the url that they are visiting from.

Example use case: I use FB ads and would put something like ref=tina in the FB url tags, and FB inserts that tag into the url when they redirect the user, and then if the visitor clicks the CTA button that is on the landing page then the script will insert ref=tina onto the destination url.

Unbounce phone rep said I need a custom script for that.

So, any devs interested? :slight_smile: If it’s a small project I don’t mind paying via PayPal directly, but anything over $100 I’ll want to use upwork.


Also needs the ability to just replace text on a page, allows customisation options when coming from an email send :slight_smile:


No form, just a CTA button. I need it to dynamically insert the variable into the button url.


Hi Stephanie, 

If you don’t need to dynamically change the URL but just append it with a ref/utm tag, you can use the “Pass through URL parameters” functionality of Unbounce. 

![]( A - Append_Example_One and_Skype_inline.png?1450086455 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1328542/RackMultipart20151214-19897-xg5jcp-Edit__A__-__Append_Example_One__and_Skype_inlinepng1450086455”)

Here is a quick example I put together for you (based on your initial use case with Facebook ads):

Let me know if this works for you.



Hi Stephanie, 

Just a few follow-up questions because I was facing a similar issue a while back:

  • Do you have a form on your landing page or is it just a click-thru page with a CTA button? (If that’s the case you can use the Unbounce functionality to append the /?ref=tag to your destination URL)

  • If there is a form, would it work if you append all the fields including the ?ref=tina to the URL?

  • Last but not least, do you actually need a dynamic URL based on input from the form/ref tag or would the destination URL always be the same and you just need to append the /?ref=tag to it?

If there is indeed a form on the landing page and you just need the /ref=tag appended then you would need a custom script hosted outside of Unbounce. You’ll send the visitor to this page/script, it would automatically parse the data and redirect to wherever you want with whatever you want in the URL. 



I also need this - @Stephanie: did you ever get a solution?
I just need to convert: ->

Should be easy I guess, but I do not know how to do it.