Determining new color of X% opacity of another color?


Hello Unbouncers,

I often find myself wanting a different shade of a color and end up tweaking the opacity to get it to that subjective sweet spot.  This works great for discovery, but then I have a slight issue…I do not know the new HTML color code.  Any idea on how to determine what this code would be?  I believe their may be some browser extensions that could help accomplish this and would certainly appreciate a recommendation for the best free one.  Wonder if this might be a good feature to build into Unbounce and believe it piggy backs Amit’s point from last week that having the brand color scheme readily available could be beneficial. 

Any thoughts or perhaps a way of how I overlooked how to find the answer :slight_smile: very possible that it has been right under my nose and I missed it!

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Hello Luis!

Thanks for the suggestion!!!  haha nothing is worse than stumbling upon your dream color and leaving it perfectly unknown.  I will be checking out ColorZilla in a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks again,



What Luis says! It’s exactly what I use for all my color matching between browsers, css, images, logos etc. I’ve tried a load of other ones but this one is defo the best.  :) 


Thanks for the feedback, Stuart!  Double recommendation means I am downloading it :-)  thanks again gents.




Nps, while we are talking Chrome extensions do you use any particular SEO or webmaster targeted ones? I’m looking a decent one and I’ve tried a few that have been a bit shoddy. 


Good question and I would love to see everyone’s responses.  I currently do not and am always open to a new tool.  What have you tried, Stuart? 

Separate note, I like Ghostery to see companies marketing stacks.




Ghostery is a really eye-opening extension to have. Been using it for a while now just out of curiosity. 

I’d also love to hear what people are using for SEO/Webmaster needs. The one’s I’ve tried personally seem half-baked at best. 


Hello Joe!

I know that feeling… I’ve also done that many times :smiley:

Here goes my tip:
Probably the best free extension for that!

Luis Francisco