Designing a form


Hi all,

New here to Unbounce and wanted to know if we could design forms a bit further than what we have here.

I’m looking to achieve this design

I’ve removed the borders etc but want to achieve that line (that changes color when the field is selected)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Michael,

You can accomplish custom form styles by adding your own Script and CSS to the page. Here are threads from Unbounce Experts that walks you through step-by-step on how to accomplish that. Make sure you take note of your form’s “element metadata” to include the proper ID.

Color on click…Tip #3 is similar to what you are looking for. (It says for “convertables” but it will still work on pages.)

Let me know if you need anything further, happy to help :smiley:


Hey! All you need is some CSS. We’ve designed forms like this for some of our customers. If you still need a hand, let me know!


Thanks all - I’ve used some CSS magic and it looks just about right ! Wasn’t that easy though.