Designer Required To Help Build Amazing Forms With JS


Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to look.

We are looking for an unbounce wizard who can help build custom forms. Although unbounce is great there a few things we would like to try with the forms that don’t yet seem to be available in unbounce. We have tried quite a few custom JS options but they dont really fit the bill.

We are not a techy bunch so dont know how to write custom code and we are happy to pay for someone that can help.

We rely heavily on unbounce for our lead generation and there will always be ongoing work available so we are also looking for someone that we can work with on an ongoing basis.




Hi @koypo,

Your post looks exactly like the challanges I take on.

Pushing Unbounce to its limits when it comes to functionallity through custom scripts and designs.

Native sliders, multi-step forms, collapsable sections - all possible with the right scripts.

Feel free to direct message me and we can talk about what you have in mind.



Hi Hristain,

Can you PM me so that we can jump on a call/skype?




+1 for @Hristian. He is our go-to for anything form/script related!