Delete Individual Leads (ie. remove test leads, false leads) [Implemented]


+1 On this feature request


+1! Please enable this feature!


This feature was requested more than 5 years ago.


+1 to deleting leads

But if it gets complicated for analytic purposes, at least an option to assign a ‘bogus’ or ‘test’ status to the lead is definitely required. this way we can:

  1. easily see the actual conversion numbers
  2. exclude them from the exported csv file
  3. keep our database on unbounce CLEAN so if we ever need to export the cvs from unbounce for a new crm system or external affiliate, we won’t have to manually remove unsubscribed leads everytime we export.

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+1 for this feature, I can’t believe you don’t offer this already?

  • 1 for this feature - we have done some new SalesForce integration that required testing - so we don’t want to ‘restart’ the page - we want to delete the ‘test’ leads.


+127,897 for this feature!!

Seriously - you can’t call it a database unless you are able to delete records!

It would be nice to be able to set-up filters for “known testing email addresses” that would be marked as test addresses. This wouldn’t prevent them from being added, but then you could have a single button “Delete all test Leads” that would make the dirty work easier.


I need this feature - both for testing and also for duplicate leads.


+10000 for this!


Vote up for this function! +1

It´s going to be much needed to delete a lead for European customers when the new data inspection law arrives next year.


+1,000,000 for delete Individual Leads


Please add the feature to delete an individual entry. This is crucial also for privacy reasons, if a person wants his data to be deleted. But it is also very useful to remove test leads. Urgent feature. Thanks.


Hi @onlineKarma,

I know the Unbounce team is looking at this particular feature and are trying to find the best possible solution as it also closely relates to the upcoming GDRP.



@onlineKarma I hear you loud and clear! And as Hristian mentioned, it does align closely with our efforts around the upcoming GDRP, which we’re heavily focussed on at the moment. We’re keeping updates posted here at this landing page, if you’re curious:

I’ll keep this thread updated should any progress develop regarding deleting individual leads.


How is it going? Is it already possible to delete datas? Actually it is important for us because of the GDPR!



+1 This is basic functionality. Surprised it is not here.


Hi there… So I am really disappointed: This can’t be the solution to delete my leads -

We have to act faster and we should be able to handle all datas about our users. What is the reason to contact you by mail to delete a lead?


Howdy folks! I just want to point out that we support deleting individual leads now! Hallelujah!

See [NEW] Delete Individual Leads for Account Owners