Delete Individual Leads (ie. remove test leads, false leads) [Implemented]


I liked! We’d really like to see this functionality. Our pages/webhook/backend is a little complex, and there’s been times when duplicating disables some of that functionality. We can’t trust the workaround all the time. :frowning:


We always test and then reset the stats before putting the landing page in action but it’s spam leads that mess with our data. Some of our pages only get a trickle of leads from any given page and a couple of spammy leads really messes with our A/B testing. Need to be able to scrub a spam lead from the data so we can make decisions based on clean data without having to remember or check whether A or B had spam and without zeroing out stats to begin again.


This was where my mind was at too!  Specially with any ‘free content download’ offer where many have no intention of being a customer and one may need to even weed a couple snooping competitors out :slight_smile:


Good points, Matthew and Joe! This is the type of information we need to help drive these features forward. 


I agree it would be helpful to delete out test leads too… You can do this in formstack but want to do this in unbounce!




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A individually delete leads feature would be 100% AWESOME!

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Isn’t the ability to delete user data a legal requirement under privacy laws in many countries?



Hello All, 

Thank you for your ongoing support, feedback and questions related to deleting leads from your Unbounce account. There appears to be 2 main topics in this thread, removing leads because of testing or spam and deleting leads to adhere to privacy guidelines. 

We adhere to privacy guidelines today and have internal processes in place to delete user data upon request. Please reach out to our amazing Customer Success team ( if you require data to be deleted for privacy and security related reasons and they will be able to take the next steps required to delete the requested data. 

Removing leads because of testing or spam is on our roadmap today under a larger initiative of Lead Management. Please continue to show your support for this request by voting on this post and providing valuable insight on the different use cases for being able to delete or remove leads. 

A question we have today and would love to gain more insight into is the expectation around how removing a test or spam lead will affect page level stats. Would you expect the visitor, conversion and views associated with the lead to be removed as well?

Thanks and keep this awesome feedback coming! 



Deleting a lead should remove associated conversion stats. The others don’t matter as much to me.


In my opinion, I’d say that deleting that lead should also erase the associated data as well (visitor count, conversion, views, etc.) It would be nice to see at a glance how the page is performing from the dashboard, without having to subtract any test or junk leads.


I agree with David. If we can delete the lead, we should be able to erase associated data as well. Perhaps the ability to tag leads would be interesting as well. Example: Test, Spam, New Lead, Custom etc.



What is the update on this feature? Deleting leads with associated data is really needed. For instance we had the page running for a week, and now we added adword tracking to it, and our PPC agency had to test this 6 times. This created 6 fake leads, and ruined the data of the past week. 

I would like to be able to delete all these test leads to keep the page data as accurate as possible. 



I love how this was originally posted 3 years ago, and this feature is yet to be implemented…


+1 for this feature - liking the post now. For all the testers out there - there is the ability to set IP filters so if you are testing internally you can block your own tests. This will prevent the traffic to the page AND the conversion from counting both in your leads and on the page stats. I have found this helpful! However, today we made a big boo-boo and send the wrong landing page to the wrong partner and they’ve been testing for hours on another campaign’s page and it’s completely skewed my results. Perfect case example for where it would be really ideal to be able to go in and delete the 27 test leads they submitted!!!


I would love to be able to purge individual leads (test leads, accidental duplicates, spam, etc.) and have those purged leads erased from the conversion tracking metrics.


I just started with Unbounce  (after pitching it to my client) and set up a couple of landing pages demonstrating how it wrks with test data. be great to implement this feature to remove 1 or 2 test leads - thanks guys!


+1 on this thread, would love to delete individual leads and have it reflect in the stats. 




+1 vote for implementing the ability to delete test leads.