Delete Individual Leads (ie. remove test leads, false leads) [Implemented]



Is there a way to clear or delete leads from the system?

I know…Why would you want to delete leads?

In my case I want to clear data added during testing but going forward I might want to clear after an incremental download of lead data.

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Good news! Happy deleting everyone!

Clear Individual Leads
Lead management section

I believe there is a reset button on the edit page called “Reset Stats”


Hey guys, the “Reset Stats” button only sets the values for “visitors”, “visits” and “conversions” back to 0, but does not actually remove any leads (and just so you know, this data isn’t lost, we are planning on building some functionality to let you go back and view old test results.) At the moment it’s not possible to remove leads from a page.


Hey Carter,

Thanks for this response. I did see a post in Unbounce Answers dated around September 2012 from one of your team also stating this but they mentioned that you might be working on implementing this a way of clearing this data.

I know there are always so many tasks like this to deal with so thanks all the same.


Thanks for undstanding Mark! Quick question: if you were able to delete your leads, would you care if the conversion stuck for the variant? I.E. would you be happy with both deleting a few leads and hitting “reset stats” after you were done testing?


My workaround for this is after we finish testing, collecting fake leads/data etc, I duplicate the page and use this duplicate (that has no data associated with it) to collect the “real” data for the page.


That’s a smart little workaround, Jen. Quick and easy way to start fresh with a clean slate.


Is there any update on this? I would think that this would be valuable functionality, since many people create leads in the process of testing, and that is why you added the reset stats link. Simply cloning the page to make it live doesn’t solve the issue, since you may need to make a fix to the page later that you need to test, especially if it’s a complex page that uses Javascript.


Hi Andrew - I believe there may be a long term plan to implement this ability at some point, but it’s not something we’ve moved on yet, since we haven’t received a lot of feedback in favour of it yet. There’s also some hesitation, because there isn’t a super straight forward way from a UX perspective to make a deleted lead record recoverable if it’s accidentally deleted–which we run into from time to time with resetting conversion stats already.

Right now, most of our customers are content with being able reset their conversion count if necessary. And for the most part, folks are either using email notifications to reach out to leads as they come in (which means having old test leads stored doesn’t really matter to them) or they’re downloading all of the data as a .csv and already planning to manipulate that, so they just delete the few test leads in their data.

Again, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to it eventually, but we do try to prioritize development based on demand, so there are quite a few things ahead of it in our queue.


+1 Vote to add ability to remove “test” leads


I second this approach, Jen :slight_smile:

If you want to export your leads you can set specific dates, and that perhaps helps you weed out the test leads.


+1 Vote to add ability to remove “test” leads


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+1 vote. For my sites I get some leads that are spammy (especially for and that really makes testing for small-traffic websites awful :frowning:

  • vote – I agree, this feature is well needed. 


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