Delay button


Hello. I want to test a delay button on Unbounce. My goal it’s to create a page with a sales video. But i don’t want the button on the beginning of the video. The button should appear 10 minutos after the video starts. It’s that possible? 


Hi Luciano,

Yes it’s possible, but 10 minutes is a really long time. Everyone’s attention span is different, the length of time it will take to convince people of your proposition is different. Those who are excited and onboard early are going to get annoyed at waiting 10 minutes for your CTA to become visible. 

Are you really sure you want to go down that road, I think you’ll have a seriously negative impact on your conversion just to try and push people into watching a 10 minute video.

The answer is yes you can do it with Javascript code, call a function to hide the button, then use the SetInterval() function to add a delay of 600,000 milliseconds before then calling a function that shows the button again. 

Hope that gives you some direction.




Hi Stuart,

How are you? Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: Do you have the code of the Javascript? I searched but didn’t found :frowning:

Best regards,
Luciano Larrossa


Hi Luciano,

Apologies you want setTimeout rather than setInterval as you only want it to run once. 

Try this but make sure your button starts off hidden using css (display: none;)

<br />
function showButton(id) {

document.getElementById(id).style.display = 'block';

window.setTimeout("<i>showButton('element_id_of_your_button')</i>",<i>&nbsp;600000</i>);<br />

I hope that helps, I’ve not tested it so it might need tweaking but you get the general idea and the commands used. 




Hi Luciano,
I am curious if this worked for you… Please let me know, because I am after the same thing. I would like the “BUY NOW” button to appear after about 4 to 6 minutes in my sales page videos… And no, I am not a Java expert, hence why I use Unbounce. Thanks guys,


You hit the nail right on the head, Stuart.

While this is something that technically can be accomplished, it doesn’t mean that it should be. Delaying the CTA for such a long period of time can cause a serious drop off for conversions. What happens if someone watched the video and decides halfway thru that they’re interested and want to continue? Keeping the CTA hidden from them could lead to a bad user experience and ultimately cause them not to convert. 

If anyone is interested in implementing this approach into their landing pages,  please consider testing this theory with an a/b test first  _before routing all of your paid traffic towards it. In fact, I would suggest sending only a very small subset of traffic towards this variation to see how it converts. 

And of course, be sure to let us know how the tests go! Would love to hear your findings.