Date of Birth Field


There should be a date of birth selector that makes it easier to pick the year.


Hello Trent,

This is actually quite an easy fix.

Follow the guide here: [How to] Add a Calendar Date Picker To Your Form

BUT, when you get to this part skip it:

(function() { ( “#start_date” ).datepicker();

And use this instead: (Remove the // I made inside the script tags)

(function() { ( “#start_date” ).datepicker({
yearRange: “1900:2018”,
changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true

Best regards
Andreas Obel


This sounds like just the solution I need! But after switching out these scripts it doesn’t seem to work for me! Any ideas? Here is the page I’m using it on:
Here is the screenshot of my script:

Thanks so much!


I think the script that was posted above is missing the “$” symbols and also, the quotation marks in your version are not the same (that’s why it’s grayed out in parts). I’m not JavaScript expert, but I played around with it, and this modified version is working for me:

  $(function () {
            changeMonth: true,
            changeYear: true,
            yearRange: '1900:2018'


Thank you! That worked perfectly!
Great help!