Datasoap Integration

Hi all,

Having some issues across the board with Datasoap recently.

Can anyone tell me if this integration is up to date and functional? (It isn’t for us)

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @Alan_C , I haven’t heard anything come up about this integration but I can ask our support team if they’ve had anyone reach out.

Maybe some of the @Community-Leaders use Datasoap and can weigh in? Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful right now!


Hey @Alan_C,

I haven’t used Datasoap but looking at their script the last part of the JS might need to be re-worked. I see the old bind/unbind of the submit button that depends on jQuery.

I’m not sure when this was posted but it would be best to reach out to DataSoap since it’s a third party integration.

Last but not least, the browser’s console might be able to point you in the right direction.


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