Data collection on confirmation page?


Can I have one landing page with 4 CTA’s which then leads to a ‘Thank you’ page with a data capture form, if so how do I add the second page?


Hi Tara - welcome to the Community!

Although we would typically recommend limiting your CTA buttons per landing page, adding 4 buttons is certainly possible. All 4 of your CTA buttons could push forward to the next page, which could essentially just be another Unbounce page with a form on it.

If you wanted to make it a little fancier, you could essentially put the capture page inside of a lightbox like this, just keep in mind that this is a bit of a workaround and can be a bit complex to setup.

Do you mind if I ask why you’re looking to have 4 CTA’s on your page? Is this because you have 4 different offerings? Or are you just trying to maximize the likelihood of someone clicking the CTA?

I’ve included a few CTA resources below that cover the design and placement, but I’d be happy to dig into this a bit deeper if you can fill me in.

How to Design a CTA that Converts:…

Where’s the Best Place to Put Your CTA?…



Hi Tara!

I wanted to add to Justin’s helpful points and share an example of why we recommend limiting choice on your landing pages - straight from the Unbounce case files. 

We compared the conversion rate by changing the number of upcoming demo sessions customers could register to attend. The original landing page had four options presented as shown in the first screenshot. This was tested against a page that had three options. 

The result? A 78 per cent conversion lift for the landing page with three options.

There’s a clear benefit in reducing the number of options available to your prospective customers, which is why landing pages Ñ with their single conversion goal Ñ are so effective at 
communicating a marketing concept.

We’d love to hear if you, or other people in the community, have found different results!