Daily leads report


Hi! I’ve been having a bad time trying to get my team to really use unbounce… so I receive every day messages from different people asking for “how many leads?” “how many visitors?” (i’m the designer lol)

So… is there a way I automate a daily report of leads to be sent via email?? I know I can send each lead, but it doesn’t help me, I need a daily report.

Also, ideas on how to educate my team are really appreciated



Hi Claudia,

For the daily report of leads, how about setting up a Google Sheet that automatically gets all of the Unbounce leads added to it, and sending a reminder each day with a link to the sheet? Then people can go in and check it every day, and if it’s set up with the date the lead comes in, they’ll see how many new ones they have. You can do all this with Zapier, which is a third party tool that connects different apps.

For the basic metrics like “how many visitors” I would recommend setting up Google Analytics with your Unbounce pages to collect those metrics. Then, within Google Analytics you can set up a daily report that shares the basic stats for a specific page or domain or segment.

Hope this helps with some ideas!


Hi @claudias

  1. Create an e-mailgroup in Office/Google with all your colleagues who wants the info and name it something you can relate to, fx.: dailystats@domain.com

  2. Go to Analytics and create a custom report with amount of visitors and amount of completed goals for the previous day.

  3. Open the custom report and choose share in the top right.

  4. Add dailystats@domain.com as the recipient, set frequency to daily and choose 12 months under advanced options.

  5. Happy colleagues.

Andreas Obel


I did @Nicholas solution, but I think the analytics report would work a little better! thank you!!