Customized URL

Hi. I want to use a customized URL for my landing page (still in draft). Can I start editing the template and then change my URL to the customized URL? OR do I need to change the URL first and then edit the template? Thanks

Hi Laraib, great question! It’s very easy to change the URL of your page any time you need to. You can certainly begin working on the page in Unbounce and then change the URL later.

Just remember, you’ll have to connect the domain you want to use with Unbounce first, before you can assign it to a specific page. You can learn more about that here:

I recommend getting your domain set up as early as possible, because sometimes it can take some time to update in the system.

But after that, you can change or update the actual URL of your Unbounce page very easily. And changing it doesn’t affect the page layout/design.