Customising landing pages dynamically


Hi! We need to customise information for each category of our products – and we have 300 plus of them. How do we dynamically modify content on our landing pages instead of creating multiple landing pages?


Hey Austin,
This sounds very similar to a feature we are working on right now. You can follow along in this thread over here:…


Just wanted to update you that I’ve posted a video of a feature that will help with this over here:…


Hey Everyone!

I’m delighted to inform you we’ve officially launched Dynamic text! This feature is available for our $99/month plans or higher. Check out our Dynamic text support guide for how to get started using this feature.…

Hope you all enjoy it! As for now this feature only works with text, but we plan to eventually progress to include dynamic images in the future.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback. We’d love to hear it :slight_smile: