Custom templates reusable across multiple pages (edit main template area/content and all pages using that template are updated)


I just voted for this as well. I’m new to unbounce and have published 10 pages. Just tweaking an element’s position requires relatively significant time and clicking. I plan to have 40+ pages and love to make tweaks. Having a shared section across the pages will really motivating more A/B testing too.


Hey David!

First off, WELCOME! I’m glad you’re diving head first into building your landing pages (and that you have plans on building so many!)

I’m adding this to our feature request repository, as it’s a popular one. Thanks for jumping into the community, hope to hear more from you here!


What I did was created a Group/Folder called Templates and added in “Template” landing pages and forms with all the section variables I would want. I simply clone this landing page and quickly remove the sections I don’t want and move entire sections up and down until I’m set on the layout. If the page has a form I choose from my premade “templates” & clone the form over.

It’s not the best option, but its the quickest workaround I’ve come up with.