Custom Scripts for Landing Pages


I write custom validation scripts for landing pages. Well versed in Javascript.

Below are some examples of scripts I have written:

  • If user input matches string, reject and display custom error
  • If user selects Value A, and Value B, from two different fields, display custom error
  • Pull parameters from browser URL, append onto object (iframe, a tag, etc)

I also setup any Unbounce solutions regarding scripts, if you need to implement for example a DOB calendar popup, smooth scrolling, etc.


Hi Mike,

Have you ever developed a sticky video feature in Unbounce? We have a video on our sales page in the header that we want to reduce in size and move to the right onscreen as the consumer scrolls down the page. There are examples in CodePen if you search for Sticky Video. I pulled some scripts for CodePen, but can’t get the Javascript to work in Unbounce.



Hey @narchuleta,

There is a script here in the community that’s probably what you are looking for.