Custom html with script inside not working


dear community.

trying to get the following script to work. its inside an html.

if i just paste the whole html (including the script) inside a custom html box inside unbounce, the script wont work.

so how do i go about taking the script and putting it into a the “javascript” panel and still get the resulting telefone number to display inside a text box on the page?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

here is the result that i would like to display on the page.…

Check the source code. it has html and script inside.
custom html box inside unbounce wont work for some reason.
what to do?

MaTelSo MRS Number Allocator

Hotline :


Hi Florian - I’ve double checked and when I pasted the script into a custom HTML box, the script ran perfectly on my machine. I recorded a screencast at to show you how I went about setting it up. Give it a shot and let me know if you keep running into any issues.