Custom HTML Templates


I am am a huge fan of Unbounce, however, the custom HTML toolset is really limited. It would be fantastic if I could drop an HTML template from ThemeForest or put together by a design studio, then edit the text and images using the WYSIWYG editor. As I understand it, there is currently no support for this level of custom HTML. Is this in the works?


Just to follow up here, you can now get Unbounce landing page templates from ThemeForest and load them into your Unbounce account.

Check out this post for more details È


But do those Unbounce landingpages have some specific markup to be editable in Unbounce? I wanne code my own pages and then use them in Unbounce… 


Hi Joris, 

At this time, Unbounce only works with templates build from inside the page builder.

There is no way to code the templates by hand.

However, I’ve found that even the most intricate designs can be build through Unbounce in a matter of hours. Saving you serious development time and cost.

If there is a particular element you are not sure how to reproduce through the editor, leave a comment here and I’m sure the community can help you figure it out.




I have to echo Hristian… almost anything you can custom code you can build in Unbounce. Even custom animations with relative ease. Leverage the full power of unboucne and try the editor. 

I have built pages (I am not a developer) following PSD’s from our design team in an average of 2h or less. And these are 100% custom.

Good luck!



To followup on what Joe mentioned about translating PSDs from a designer into Unbounce, we recently released an ecourse that walks you through just that.

Check out the ecourse here È

… And thanks Joe and Hristian for some great points! I’m always inspired by the awesome pages people create in Unbounce.


Thanks, will take a look at it…