Custom html question - search bar


I’ve been noodling over this for a couple of days and just can’t see it. I am currently working on this landing page: that is a replica of this page:, and am unable to get the search bar to load the search term findings. It will go to the search page but not load the results of the value I typed in. It would be awesome if a fresh set of eyes could help me out! Sometimes I feel as though I know enough html to get me in trouble - today is definitely one of those days!


Hey Jennifer!

First off, I appreciate your use of the word “noodling”, and second, I don’t have an immediate solution for your search bar functionality. In this case, what you’re looking for is super custom and dependant on a specific setup. Search bars aren’t really a ‘one size fits all’ sort of feature, unfortunately. So it’s difficult to give any information here that would solve your problem.

It involves communicating with a third party database. This isn’t really something we can help troubleshoot either I’m afraid as it’s 100% and would require knowledge of how things are setup on the other side.

If the search bar is a deal breaker, you may have to spend a little money on hiring someone to set that up for you.

I wish I could have better advice here! Keep me posted on how this goes!


Hi Jess,

Thanks for your reply! I assumed it was super custom and dependent upon a specific set up - I thought I grabbed all elements for it, but feel like I’m missing something.

I’m not sure what you mean when you said “as it’s 100%”.

I’m still noodling over this for sure! :smile:


Oh, that’s because I didn’t finish my sentence! “as it’s 100%” was supposed to say “as it’s 100% on the third party side”

Must have another coffee! Keep on noodling! Let us know if you find something :spaghetti:


Haha! Well I hope you’ve had enough coffee today.

Come to find out - I was completely over thinking the search bar code. I had it in the html as, and I should have had it as Now it’s working! Thanks for your help @Jess!


Yeeeessss!! I just checked it out, it’s working like a dream! :ok_hand:

Thanks so much for updating! And yes, I’ve definitely met my coffee quota for today :smiley: :coffee:

Happy Friday!