Custom Form Options


I’d like to use Unbounce as a landing page provider, but need to make sure it would be easy to embed/create a custom form that we use on multiple other platforms rather than what is built-in. This form captures information for more than one platform, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and one other internal capture so it wouldn’t just be one embed form code to add via the custom HTML. 

Any ideas or help for this roadblock? 


I use Formstack for all my custom forms and they work flawlessly.


Steve - it doesn’t look like they have an integration with Pardot which would be a deal breaker.


You might send off a note to their tech team, they have helped me out on numerous occasions.


Hi Leslie, 

You can embed your form as an iframe. Just custom code it to fit your criteria and embed it on your landing page. 

Another way to go about it is to use the Unbounce forms and set up a zap or two through Zapier. 

Anytime there is an automation task, I always look first at Zapier to see if that can save me hours of headaches and problems. 

Let us know what you decide in the end.



Steve Lents  How do you put your Formstack forms in Unbounce pages?   I’ve been using lightboxes, as its the only way I can figure out.  But some donors are NOT liking the lightbox.  They want the form just on the page.  Wish there was integration between formstack and unbounce.