Custom form, keeping unbounce conversion


General idea :

Capture event date(selection from 3 events via radio selection), name, phone, email to reserve a seat at an event.

Was previously using a standard builder form to do this. But that required continuously going in and putting in new dates as events past and new ones being created.

I created some javascript and a GET against eventBrite’s API to get the next 3 event dates/time.

What I am having an issue with is when they fill out the form and hit the submission button, how do I send this through unbounce to trigger a conversion (and thus getting an email ping from it)


Hey there,

Sounds like this script posted in the community is exactly what you need. I’m also using some of my own API with this script so let me know if you need any feedback once you have it running. Happy to help :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you.