Custom Form / Field Template Library


I would love the ability to save entire forms or custom fields in a template library that can be accessed when building a landing page. Much like how we can save images to use again on other landing pages.

In the PPC space, there is a lot of hidden tracking fields added to forms. They are the exact same fields that need to be created each time. As of today, you have to copy paste entire forms from page to page which inherently copies over confirmation dialogs and scripts that we don’t want to be copied over. Having saved forms or custom fields would tremendously improve productivity & leaves less room for error when manually creating form fields that we use repeatedly.


So my agency built an internal Unbounce directory. Basically, we made a LP just for internal use which is a catalogue of custom script etc. I know it isn’t exactly ideal/as easy as having a template library but it does allow us to quickly copy/paste certain things over from LP to LP.

Just an option you could look into!


@jbragg Thanks for the recommendation!


Second this. I’ll usually open up multiple tabs and copy the needed item from the template page to the new page with the copy feature. Unbounce will remember what you copy in the same “session”.


I did exactly the same thing for a company I used to work for :heart_eyes: