Custom font set-up


Hey guys, I haven’t set-up a custom fonts for agessss and I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong - last time it was very straightforward so not sure why I’m so confused now! :joy: :roll_eyes:

Draft page –

Font purchased from – my client has followed the instructions to upload the MyFontsWebKit.css file to his domain – this page will be hosted on sub-domain (waiting for CNAME to update).

Is this a cross-domain issue? Or have I just got the script/style wrong?

Pls HELP! :slight_smile:


Hi @Zoe_Tattersall,

You’ll need the full path for the CSS file.

Also, you probably need to be on the client’s domain and not on



Oh my gosh, so obvious! :flushed: :joy:

So now it’s giving me an error about the cross-domain access – I think I now need to get my client to follow these steps that @Nicholas pointed out to modify the headers/.htaccess file – is that right?