Custom domain not working


Hi there,

I set up for a custom domain. I see a creen check that indicated that it’s working, but when I go to my site, it is not. It’s I double checked the CNAME for both @ and www at NameCheap and confirmed they are both pointing to I did this twelve hours ago so it should be working, but it’s not. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you.


Excellent. Thank you!


My CNAME is set up correctly, and I have the URL set, but all of my pages are getting errors that the page cannot be found. An example of one of the pages not working is….

This seems to happen off and on all of the time, and I am not sure what is causing this. I would be grateful for any help.



Hey Amy, I would recommend firing an email (if you haven’t already) to - they’ll help you troubleshoot your CNAME issues and get your pages up and running.


Hi Jamie - I just looked into your custom domain and your CNAME seems to be set-up correctly and resolving just the way it should - the only remaining thing to do is to set the display URL for your page.

You can set the URL for any of your pages as follows:

* Click on “Change URL” in the page overview screen for the page in question
* Use the pull down menu to make sure that the correct custom domain name is being used, and the text field to edit or delete the ‘path’ of the URL (the “/something” part.)
* Hit “Enter” (or “Return” if you’re on a Mac) to save the changes, and click “I’m Finished”

This should allow you to make sure that the URL for your page is exactly how you want it to be. Once this is done you can “Repubish” your page and it should appear at your specified URL.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Jason M