Custom Domain marked as working in Unbounce but giving 404 error



I had my IT set up a CNAME for our account ( that is listed as working inside Unbounce. However, when I try to reach published pages, it provides a 404 error.

I wasn’t sure if this was an error on our side (ex: CNAME was set up incorrectly) or if this is something that perhaps just hasn’t resolved yet but thought I’d see if you fine folk might have some insight.

This was set up around 18 hours ago if that helps.

Thank you so much for any help


Hi Brandon! I did a check for your custom domain ‘’ and it looks like everything is set up and good to go.

However, I did take a look at your published landing page and it looks like it’s currently at ‘’. Feel free to try visiting the page at that URL (you might also want to clear your cache and cookies just in case.)
You will always want to use your page URL as it appears on each individual Page Overview (where the AB test center is.)

Just in case you want to make some URL customizations, here is a link to our Unbounce Answers page which talks about how to do this for your pages:…