Custom Domain Issue


The custom domain area has verified that my custom domain is set up and functioning, but when I visit it all I can see is the 123-Reg (registrar) holding page.

I’m setting up my domain homepage as the custom domain rather than using sub-domains


Hi John! Have you published a page to your custom domain’s root (’/’) yet? Maybe send us the details at and we can have a look…


Hello John - thank you for your post.

Could you please send an email to indication which account, custom domain and page you are trying to get working and we will look into it for you.

all the best - JM


Thanks Chaps. I’ve emailed the support email.


I am also experiencing this issue. Is there a way to resolve?


This issue is now resolved.

I reset the DNS then re-entered the cname details. I then removed the 123-reg cname and volia!