Custom domain drives no conversions, yet Unbounce domain does?


Caveat: I’m new to Unbounce, landing pages, and lead generation in general. :slight_smile:

I set up an Unbounce landing page in October for a PDF download. Conversion is great! Just under 60%. However, I set up the exact same landing page & PDF under our domain for brand consistency, and I have had 0 conversions. Any ideas? Yes, it could be that people aren’t into it, but the Unbounce-branded URL is still generating conversions as recent as today.

Is there some setting I should check? Is there a way to tell if it’s search indexed?

Thanks in advance for the insight!


That’s interesting. I always thought a unique domain name would increase conversions.


Hey Barry and Caty - almost all testing points to a unique user name increasing conversions. That said, I took a look at your pages, Caty, and it’s a pretty small sample size of visitors to the newer page, so it could definitely be a coincidence that it hasn’t generated any conversions yet. How are you driving traffic to each page and are you targeting the same groups? That could be a factor as well.

On a unrelated note, I’ve been in San Francisco for the last few days and met up with the good folks at GetSat on Thursday, so FeverBee came up when they were telling us about the new Community Manager training and certification they’re rollin out with you. Really awesome to have you using Unbounce as well.